Manuscript Rolls & Scrolls

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There are currently two related projects on medieval rolls and scrolls.

Rolls & Scrolls after the Codex is a digital humanities project led by Anya Adair and Katherine Hindley.  The predominant form for manuscripts before it was supplanted by the codex form in the Late Antique period, the scroll or roll continued to be an important form, both practically and symbolically, until the end even into the world of print. This project aims to bring to light the features and functions of this durable technology.

English Manuscript Rolls, 1200-1600: A Collaborative Digitization Project (supported by the MAA) seeks to build interdisciplinary connections among graduate researchers working with medieval manuscript rolls, and to provide these researchers with the paleographic and technical skills to create and study digital versions of these artifacts. This project, which will run throughout 2016, is led by Anya Adair, with Katherine Hindley, Jessica Henderson (University of Toronto), and Micah Goodrich (University of Connecticut).


Beinekce Roll2

Beinecke Library Marston MS 180 (detail): Historical Roll Chronicle in Middle French