Calum Cockburn

Calum (Image)

Calum Cockburn
Department of English Language and Literature
University College London Gower Street, London
WC1 E 6BT United Kingdom


Calum is a PhD student in English Literature at University College London. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from UCL and a graduate degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. His research examines the changing representation of Hell in Anglo-Saxon art and literature, with a focus on the development of the motif of the hell-mouth, the interplay of text and image on the MS page and the transmission of eschatological iconography in insular manuscript culture. He is currently undertaking
a postgraduate internship as part of the Polonsky Pre-1200 Project at the British Library.

Calum is an instructor on the workshop series “Digital Editing and the Medieval Manuscript Fragment” at UCL. He has taught on workshops examining UCL Special Collections MS FRAG LAT 7, a medical manuscript taken from Pietro D’Abano’s adaptation of the Universal Canons of Johannes the Mesue, and MS FRAG ANGL 1, a fragment of Gower’s Confessio Amantis.