Joe Stadolnik

SIFK Headshot - Joe StadolnikJoe Stadolnik

University of Chicago
Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
5737 S. University Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637 | USA

Joe is a postdoctoral researcher and instructor at the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, University of Chicago. He held a Junior Research Fellowship at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies and a Whiting Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities while completing a Ph. D. in English at Yale. His research considers the language practices of medieval science as a repertoire of styles and genres for use across Middle English literary culture (ca. 1350-1500). His other research the medievalism of Jorge Luis Borges, medieval English book production, and Middle English readers outside of England.
Joe was a co-instructor in DEMMR workshops at Yale in 2015-6, and organized the first workshop held at UCL in 2016.